Deutscher's Turkey Farm


Deutscher's Turkey Farm is owned and operated by Daryl Deutscher and is located at 5828 Western Hwy, Dadswells Bridge, Victoria. 

Daryl breeds and raises Australia's largest range of rare turkeys on his 80 acre property.  All breeding stock is carefully selected for type, and particularly, colour.

As well as breeding rare turkeys, he sells turkey feathers and meat products.

His rare breed turkey meat products are all made from open-ranged birds, free of anti-biotics and preservatives.  His rare turkeys are bred, grown, processed, and sold from his licenced premises.  He also raises, processes, and sells meat products from commercial (broad-breasted white) birds.  All these products are available for sale from his shop (on his premises) or the local farmer's markets.

Please view our downloadable brochure for more information.